5 Signs Your Heater Needs Repairs

Safeguard Your Home With Heater Maintenance

Is your home’s heat not working? While definitely a cause for concern, this is but one of many possible signs of necessary heater repair. Even here in San Antonio, our households eventually rely on heat to get us through the coldest times of the year. In those cases, you don’t want your heating system to fail on you, leaving you vulnerable to the cold.

Heating repair in San Antonio is the speciality of Wright AC Services. In our line of work, we’ve grown accustomed to the common clues that furnace repair services are desperately needed. We want to make sure you’re ready for when your heater is needed most, which means giving it all the attention it deserves.

Common Signs That You Need Heater Repair

Like with any HVAC system, if you leave your heater in need of repairs for too long, it’ll only end up costing you more. Identifying the warning signs of wear and tear early is the best choice for you and your home. Rather than ignoring your system and having your heater die on you at the worst possible time, give your heating system a check-up so you can invest in its future.

Insufficient Heat

The first warning signs we notice are often those we can feel. If your heater has begun to give out reduced heat or even none at all, then it’s clear there’s a problem to be addressed.

Recognizing a lack of heat at home can be much easier than identifying the cause. There are a lot of things that can negatively affect your heating output. Ductwork leaks, furnace failures and even your thermostat are only a few possible contenders. Investigating what might be depriving your home of heat is a good tactic, but you may very well need an HVAC professional to see the problem fixed.

Strange Odors

No one likes a bad smell, especially one that might be from a suffering furnace. Some odors might be telling you that your furnace needs cleaning. A buildup of debris or dust can make your furnace produce a burning smell.

In some cases, however, the problem can be more serious. You might be faced with a broken component or a dangerous gas leak. Heater experts like us at Wright AC Services are best equipped to determine the cause of the smell, so consider calling as early as possible to ensure your home is safe.

Unusual Noises

When it comes to your furnace, you should keep your ear open for sounds that stand apart from the usual ambient noises. Banging or squealing can suggest that there’s a problem with your unit. Fans, blowers and other components might be broken and could produce a strange racket. Since a faulty part of your furnace can cause major damage if left unattended, you should call in the Wright professionals at once.

Dirty Pilot Light

Your furnace’s pilot light is the ignition source for when heating starts up. A well-maintained pilot light has a blue flame, but you might notice a different color. A yellow hue, for instance, suggests a ventilation issue. When untreated, this can allow unhealthy carbon monoxide to linger. Consult an expert on our team to have the problem resolved.

Low Indoor Air Quality

Because your furnace pumps heat throughout your home, it has a direct impact on your indoor air quality. If heater maintenance is neglected, dirt, allergens and other particles will be free to travel throughout your home’s air.

Frequent coughing or signs of dust buildup can indicate poor indoor air quality, but don’t count on there always being obvious signs. Family members with allergies will especially suffer from this condition. Consider cleaning your filters, or call a professional if you suspect a separate cause.

Furnace Repair Services With Wright

Your heater gives a lot to keep your home warm, so why not give it a little back? Diagnosing furnace problems and scheduling repairs are the best ways to safeguard your heating system. Wright AC Services has been doing just that for years for San Antonio homeowners. If you want to give your heating system the luxury treatment, give us a call!

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