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Smart technology has become common in most of our lives. At the very least, most of us carry a smartphone in our pockets on a day-to-day basis. In the most extreme cases, some people pour their coffee into cups that connect to the internet and actively monitor and maintain the temperature of their beverage.

While it’s difficult to avoid entirely, the degree to which we allow smart technology to infiltrate our lives is a personal choice — and each of us must decide what instances of smart technology are worth using and which aren’t.

When it comes to the HVAC industry, the team here at Wright AC Services is committed to staying up-to-date with every advancement made in the HVAC industry. Regarding smart technology, one piece of equipment that we think is worth the consideration of every San Antonio homeowner is a smart thermostat.

Equipping a thermostat with smart capabilities greatly expands the function of your traditional thermostat and allows you more control over your HVAC system than ever before.

When To Replace Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is functioning fine, it can be difficult to see why a replacement would be necessary at all. However, there are a few occasions when thermostat replacement is recommended by professionals.

woman pointing to the wall unit of a smart thermostat
  • Your device is old – The average lifespan of a thermostat is around 10 years. After that point, advances in technology have generally made newer thermostats more accurate and efficient.
  • You want to upgrade your home’s smart capabilities – Upgrading your thermostat is a great first step in integrating smart technology into your home.
  • You’re replacing your HVAC system – Because the thermostat acts as the interface between you and the entire HVAC system, it’s recommended that you replace your thermostat when replacing or installing a new HVAC system.This will ensure that there are no errors in communication between the thermostat and the new system.
  • Your device isn’t working — If your thermostat is broken, it’s the perfect time for an upgrade!

The Top Six Benefits Of Smart Thermostats

There are many reasons to consider a San Antonio smart thermostat replacement. Our professionals think that the most appealing and useful reasons for the average homeowner include the following.

Remote HVAC Control

Thanks to internet connectivity, smart thermostat users are able to control their home’s heating and cooling system from virtually anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Increased Comfort With Decreased Thought

With the inclusion of simple artificial intelligence, smart thermostats are able to learn from the habits of the occupants of a home in order to automate the ideal temperature schedule that will both keep everyone comfortable and save money.

Smart Home Connectivity

As we mentioned above, smart technology is everywhere, with many homes already utilizing some sort of whole smart home system. Fortunately, most smart thermostats are able to integrate into most major smart home setups, further increasing the functionality of your smart home.

Decreased Utility Bills

All of the above benefits combine to create a thermostat that is capable of far more extensive fine-tuning and control. With this increase in control comes energy savings and that directly results in lower utility bills. Smart thermostats have been proven to save the average homeowner between 8-10% on their utility bill.

Get Smart, The Wright Way

At Wright AC Services, one of our main focuses is building a client base that knows they can count on us for the long term, through thick and thin, with all their HVAC needs. We’re well aware that it would be impossible to establish the trust required to do this while selling gimmicky products that do nothing to improve the lives of the people who purchase them.

We confidently feel that smart thermostats are anything but a gimmick and are excited to provide our clients access to such a low-cost investment that results in major improvements to their HVAC systems.

If you want in on the massive benefits that come with an upgrade and are looking for the best smart thermostat installation services around, call the professionals at Wright AC and see why we’re building such a reputation for high client satisfaction.

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