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Having to replace your AC can be a stressful task. Essentially providing the backbone of the modern home, today’s cooling systems are extensive and complicated. Effectively working on them requires the skills and care of a qualified professional.

Fortunately, when your air conditioner has seen its final summer and you find yourself looking for the best air conditioner installation in San Antonio, the professionals at Wright AC Services are here to provide an AC replacement you can feel confident will last for years working hard to keep your home cool.

How Long Does The Average AC Last?

Being aware of the average air conditioner’s lifespan is important knowledge to have when determining whether or not replacement may be necessary — and estimating the amount of time you can expect a new installation to last.

While it depends on a number of factors — such as the environment, usage and which type of system is being used — the lifespan of most air conditioning units is between 15-20 years.

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When Is It Time To Replace Your AC?

Unless you’re a trained professional, it can feel difficult to determine whether or not a system needs to be replaced or if a simple repair would suffice. Here at Wright AC, we build our client relationships on a foundation of trust and are honor bound to only provide you with the services you need, when you need them.

When you choose us to address any of your HVAC needs, you can feel confident that any service we provide or suggest will only work towards the absolute benefit of you, our client.

To help give our clients an idea of when AC replacement may be necessary, here are some hidden signs that every homeowner can look out for that could possibly indicate a need for AC replacement.

Your System Requires Frequent Repairs

With anything mechanical, it’s usually impossible to avoid repairs entirely, an AC system is no different. However, as the system ages and its overall condition diminishes, the need for repair will become more frequent — and eventually, a point will be reached where a replacement will be cheaper than the constant need for repairs.

The Cooling Is Inconsistent

As air conditioners age, their ability to provide adequate cooling to the space may decline with their overall condition. While inconsistent cooling can be a symptom of several individual and repairable issues, it can just as often be a sign of a declining system in need of replacement.

Strange Or Unexplained Noises

No HVAC system is silent. However, the sound your air conditioner makes should be consistent and regular. Any deviation outside of the regular hum should be noted and inspected by a professional. Regular noises associated with the operation of your system could be another potential that the system needs to be replaced. At the very least, it needs an inspection or tune-up.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Our air conditioners impact indoor air quality in several ways. Between the filters actively catching particles and the ductwork that must provide a clear pathway for the air in your system, each air conditioner contains several components that majorly impact your indoor air quality.

While filters can be changed and ductwork can be cleaned, as the system ages and declines, fighting its contributions to your poor air quality can start to feel like a losing battle.

Replacement You Can Trust, Wright When You Need It

When your air conditioner has turned off for the last time and you need the best San Antonio AC replacement you can find, you should call the professionals at Wright AC Services today. As a family-owned business with roots going all the way back to the 70s, we’re committed to becoming the obvious choice when it comes to all your HVAC needs.

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