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Seasonal AC Maintenance Services

All machines require maintenance to prevent breakdowns and keep performing at optimal efficiency. We all know that regular tune-ups are essential for ensuring that our cars are ready to get us from point A to point B, mile after mile. Our air conditioners are no different.

Fortunately, when it comes to keeping your AC going, season after season, no one is more committed to long-term satisfaction than the professionals here at Wright AC Services.

Since 1979, our team has been working hard to provide our clients in San Antonio with a quality of service that cements us as a company that cares for the long-term well-being of our clients. When AC problems happen, we want to make sure that San Antonians have a direction they can face for HVAC services they can trust, the Wright way.

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How Often Is AC Maintenance Necessary?

It’s recommended by most manufacturers that you have your HVAC system inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year. Doing so will go a long way to ensure that your system is equipped to handle its job during the summer.

When To Schedule Your AC Maintenance?

We recommend scheduling your annual maintenance during the spring. This will ensure that your system is equipped to handle the heat right before it’s needed the most during the peak summer months.

It’s important to remember that any maintenance at all throughout the year is better than none. If your spring AC tune-up fell off your to-do list, make an appointment at any time in the year!

Main Benefits Associated With Annual AC Maintenance

Longer Lifespan

The average air conditioner lasts an average of 15-20 years. Annual maintenance, performed by a qualified professional, is the best way to help make sure that your system can stand the test of time – if not last longer than average.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

There are many ways your HVAC system affects indoor air quality. With the thorough inspections done by the Wright AC professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your system is doing nothing to negatively impact the quality of the air you breathe. If anything, it’s improving it thanks to our team’s trusted IAQ solutions.

Improved Comfort

Just like our cars tend to drive a tad bit smoother after a fresh oil change, a well-maintained system will simply be better at doing the job it was designed to do. With annual tune-ups, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to combat the outrageous temperatures of our Texas summers. This can help make your already comfortable home even more comfortable.

Less Need For Repair

While avoiding repairs entirely is impossible, having a skilled professional inspect your system once a year is the best way to stay informed on the overall condition of your system. Not to mention that tune-ups are a great way to catch repairs before they have the chance to develop into serious problems.

Consistent Utility Bills

Cooling our home requires more energy than practically anything else we do on a day-to-day basis. While paying bills is never fun, diligent AC maintenance comes with the added benefit of keeping our utility bills fairly consistent, as they should be.

AC Maintenance Done Wright, Every Time

If you need to schedule your San Antonio annual AC maintenance and are looking for a company that only hires technicians who are committed to treating your home with care, then pick up the phone and call the team at Wright AC Services today!

We think with the future in mind and would rather provide our clients with quality services that keep their systems running over unnecessary services designed to drain their wallets and fill ours. So if you’re looking for an HVAC company that does things differently, then you truly can’t go wrong with Wright.

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