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When your AC breaks down and you find yourself struggling to keep cool in your own home on a hot summer day, it can be stressful finding an HVAC company you can trust to provide the repairs you need at a reasonable price. With so many companies prioritizing dollars over customer satisfaction, it can be hard to not feel taken advantage of when things break and you’re at the mercy of repair companies.

Here at Wright AC Services, we strive to be different. As a family-owned company, we don’t have the backing of major investors keeping us afloat — and it’s only through the faith of our clients and a commitment to superior long-term service that we’re able to continue doing what we’re passionate about.

Regarding air conditioner repairs in San Antonio, no team does it better or with more care. Our technicians will treat your home like it’s their own and will leave you with no questions as to why Wright AC is the right choice when it comes to all things HVAC.

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Most Common AC Problems

Air conditioners are complicated machines with many components that need to work in unison in order to efficiently cool your home. However, despite their complexity, our team has years of experience dealing with every type of AC problem possible. When it comes to fast AC repairs, we do it best.

To give you an idea of what you might be dealing with when your AC breaks down, here are the most common repair services carried out by our technicians in the field.

Refrigerant Issues

Refrigerant essentially acts as the lifeblood that allows an air conditioner to function. Cycling between condenser and evaporator coils, refrigerant is constantly heating and cooling to transfer heat and effectively cool your home.

Low refrigerant or a leak in the system can cause serious issues and needs to be addressed immediately. Refrigerant should only be handled by a professional –reach out to our team to schedule your appointment today.

Filter Issues

An air conditioner needs a healthy amount of airflow to function properly. Restricting a system’s required airflow can lead to freezes and the system seizing up entirely. It’s recommended that you have your filters replaced at least once a year because doing so is the best way to ensure that your system has access to the airflow it needs to function properly.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat acts as the control interface between the homeowner and the entire HVAC system. Because these devices are used to control the entire system, thermostat issues can present as far more serious than they actually are. In some cases, these problems can make it seem like your entire air conditioner is non-functional.


The HVAC system is one of the largest energy consumers in the modern home. This means that your standard HVAC system includes several components that are designed to control and regulate electricity. Between wiring, breakers, circuits and all the other electronics that help an AC function, electrical issues are a fairly common type of repair our technicians provide.

Fan Issues

The standard split-unit air conditioning system includes two fans – the blower fan that forces air throughout your home and the condenser fan that helps your system disperse excess heat outside. Both need to be fully functional in order for a system to efficiently cool a home.

When Things Go Wrong With Your AC, We’ll Make It Wright

When your family is in need of the best San Antonio AC repair services around, don’t hesitate to call the pros at Wright AC Services today!

Serving our community since 1979, we’re committed to providing San Antonio with an unmatched standard of HVAC services for decades to come. With our free estimates and commitment to providing top-notch service over the long term, we truly stand by the fact that you can’t go wrong with Wright.

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