What Is The First Thing To Check When Your Heater Isn’t Working?

Why Is My Heater Not Working?

An unexplained loss of heat in your home can be worrying, especially if you’re faced with cold weather. But don’t panic! No heat doesn’t necessarily mean your furnace is out of fuel or that you’re due for a replacement. In some cases, the problem can be easily solved.

If you’re in need of a San Antonio heater technician, the team at Wright AC Services is ready to help! After reading what we’d like to share about heater troubleshooting, you might not even need to give us a call. Either way, we want to make sure your heating system remains in working order. Read on to see what your first steps should be in the event of a home heating failure.

Tips For Troubleshooting A Furnace

Feeling that your furnace is not heating enough is the easy part, but finding the cause can sometimes be tricky. Fortunately, Wright AC Services has seen enough action to know the clear first steps to take. Whether it be a technical failure or a slip of common sense, no heater problem should be left unresolved.

1. Check Your Thermostat

Obvious as it might seem, your thermostat might be the reason for your house’s lack of heat. Homes with a lot of people might be prone to flip-flopping thermostat settings, so be sure to check there first. If necessary, you can also try briefly raising the temperature up high to help “kick” the furnace into action and start producing heat.

There are plenty of different thermostats these days, so fixing the problem might not be as simple as raising the temperature. Check your device’s batteries to see if a change is needed — most thermostats should have their batteries changed at least once a year. If your thermostat has an “automatic” or “heat” setting, make sure it is set to one of those when you want heat.

2. Inspect Your Power Source

Like with your thermostat, a problem with your power source might be as simple as a flick of a switch. Check your furnace’s power switch to verify that it is set to the “on” position. Such a simple mistake shouldn’t be ruled out, especially if a technician was recently active in your home. For electric units, confirm that your unit is receiving power by checking the circuit breaker.

Wiring issues are another possible variable. A wire break between the furnace and thermostat could be the culprit. Keep in mind that handling anything electrical in your home can be dangerous, especially if you’re uncertain about something. You can protect both yourself and your home by calling in a Wright AC Services heater technician to fix the problem!

3. Clean Air Filters

Can you remember the last time you replaced your home’s air filters? If not, you might have found the reason for your heating woes. Dirty filters will clog up the airflow and prevent proper heating, even if everything else is working fine. Any other blockages around the vents could also be responsible.

Remember to replace your filter every three months or sooner, depending on how quickly they become dirty. More consistent filter changes might be necessary if you have pets, a large family or frequent indoor allergies.

4. Review Technical Furnace Problems

If you’ve yet to determine the cause of your heating problem, don’t worry! Heaters are complex machines and are vulnerable to all kinds of technical issues. With careful maintenance and proper knowledge, however, you can get a better idea of these possible problems.

Here are some examples of common furnace failures that might stop your heater:

  • A lack of fuel means your unit can’t do its job.
  • Your furnace’s pilot light might be out.
  • Duct leaks — often caused by age or damage — can allow warm air to escape the system.
  • Burners choked with debris can halt the heating process.
  • If your flame sensor fails to detect flames, your furnace won’t operate.

Think twice before putting your hands near this machinery! Improper handling of your unit can cause damage to the heating system or even harm to yourself.

The professionals at Wright AC Services are specially trained to handle these problems. Whether or not you’ve narrowed down the culprit of your defective unit, you can call us to make sure the job gets done right.

Bring The Heat With Wright AC Services

As hot as it gets here in San Antonio, when you’re really in need of heating, you want to be prepared for it. You can keep your heating system in top shape — or even bring in an upgrade — with the help of Wright AC Services. Contact us today for services that can’t be beat!

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