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Winters in Texas tend to be less worrisome than our summers — but don’t let the mild seasons fool you! San Antonio freezes and cold fronts can seemingly come out of nowhere, and that’s when you need a powerful heating system to keep you and your family comfortable.

Wright AC Services has been serving San Antonio and the surrounding areas for decades, honing our skills with heater installations and replacements to perfection. We offer a balanced blend of technical accuracy and stellar client service to make your installation experience flawless. When you want the best start to a decade or more of reliable heating, you can’t go wrong with Wright.

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How Long Does A Heater Last?

If your heater is failing to perform, the most pressing question you likely have is how long are heaters supposed to last? Like any appliance, heaters and furnaces aren’t designed to last forever, and wear and tear over time can speed up the rate of deterioration significantly.

Most heating systems last between 10-15 years. This range can increase or decrease depending on a number of factors such as climate, amount of use and maintenance.

The number one way to extend the lifespan of your heating system is by scheduling seasonal heater maintenance each year.

With our technicians evaluating your heater each year before or after heavy use, you can be sure that looming repairs and inefficiencies are taken care of.

Signs Of Heater Replacement

Most heating and cooling systems will require a few repairs over the course of their life serving your home, but when does a repair turn into a replacement? It can be a difficult decision to make if your heater has served you faithfully for years, but a replacement can significantly improve the quality of life in your home. If you’re trying to determine if heater replacement is on the horizon, use some of our most common indicators that your system is failing.

Heater Age

As mentioned above, heaters simply can’t keep functioning forever. If your system is approaching the end of its lifespan, it’s time to invest in a new system.

Heating Efficiency

With age comes the deterioration of efficiency within your heater as well. From parts that don’t operate as smoothly as they once did to the toll that seasons of use take on your system, efficiency will be reduced. Whether this comes in the form of discomfort from poor heating or high energy bills from higher exertion, you can save yourself money and stress by installing a new system.

Poor IAQ

Your heater or furnace plays a huge role in the cleanliness of your air. Even with the basic filter built into each HVAC system, many contaminants and particles are removed from your air — and stopped from entering your lungs! As your system nears replacement, you may notice your quality of air decreasing as well. More allergy symptoms, signs of excessive dust and odd odors may indicate that your filtration system is failing.

Frequent Repairs

At a certain point, continuing to repair an older heater that will keep breaking down is not cost-effective. An investment into a new unit may seem costly upfront, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run — and make you far more comfortable!

Make The Wright Decision For Heater Replacement!

Wright AC Services is proud to provide the quality workmanship that San Antonio homeowners deserve. Our business has been family-owned since 1979, earning our reputation for loyalty and trustworthy service for decades. Take advantage of our free estimates and second opinions to make sure your heater replacement in San Antonio matches your home perfectly.

When you need authentic, transparent assistance with your new heating system, you know who will do the job Wright!

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