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Your home does so much to protect you from outside elements. For instance, your roof protects you from the rain, the walls protect you from unwanted visitors and your air conditioning system protects you from the summer heat. Unfortunately, try as it might, your home can’t protect you from everything.

Pollutants are still able to enter your home’s airstream and create a negative impact on your indoor air quality. Luckily, when your home can’t fend off this problem, the team at Wright AC Services can! Trust our experts to provide your San Antonio home with indoor air quality solutions you can count on.

Understanding Your Indoor Air Quality

The health of your home’s air is referred to as your indoor air quality — or IAQ. Ideally, your home should always have healthy air quality since you spend so much time there. However, there are a variety of indoor air pollutants that can negatively impact the quality of your air.

These contaminants can be hard or even impossible to see, but they can have a huge impact on your health. It’s important to understand the various causes of poor IAQ so that you can best understand how to treat and prevent the problem.

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What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Not all cases of poor indoor air quality are the same. There are a variety of things that can lower your indoor air quality, and some cases are more dangerous than others.

Here’s a list of just some of the indoor air pollutants that can contribute to poor IAQ in your home:

  • Mold
  • Tobacco Products
  • Dirt
  • Pet Dander
  • Asbestos
  • Pollen

If you notice your home’s air quality suffering, don’t let this problem persist! Poor IAQ can cause problems such as headaches, nausea and more. In extreme cases, health problems caused by poor IAQ can even be deadly. Reach out to our team to learn what steps you can take to solve the issue before it gets worse.

Discover IAQ Solutions In San Antonio

If the IAQ of your San Antonio home is suffering, don’t hesitate to find a solution! Addressing poor indoor air quality is an important step that can be vital for the sake of your health. Here are some of the things you can do to help protect your IAQ.

Vacuum And Dust Often

When air pollutants enter your home, they can settle onto surfaces such as your carpets or sheets. Vacuuming and dusting allow you to clean these surfaces in your home before the contaminants can enter your respiratory system.

Use A Dehumidifier

A humid home can contribute to poor indoor air quality. This is because moisture in the air can make it easier for harmful particles such as mold to grow and spread. If you notice that your home seems more humid than it should be, consider investing in a dehumidifier to help fight the problem.

Contact Wright AC For Expert IAQ Solutions

If do-it-yourself solutions aren’t cutting it, give the experts at Wright AC a call. Our team is highly trained and can identify what contaminants are in your home’s air. After figuring out what’s harming your air quality, our team will be able to provide IAQ solutions that fit your needs.

Breathe Better With A Whole-Home Filtration System Installation

If you’re looking to improve your IAQ, the team at Wright AC can help by installing a whole-home filtration system! This will catch contaminants before they make it into your lungs and ensure that your air is kept clean.

Everyone deserves access to clean air, which is why we’re proud to provide professional solutions in San Antonio. If you need help to improve your air quality, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Make The Wright Call For Your Home

Whether you need help changing your air filters, want to learn what contaminants are affecting your home or are looking to invest in a whole-home filtration system, we’re there for you. Our team is highly trained and dedicated to excellence, which means we’re always ready to help! To schedule IAQ services you can trust, give Wright AC Services a call.

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