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As a business, establishing a relationship with a reputable HVAC company can be one of the most valuable relationships you foster, especially when things go wrong and you find yourself needing trustworthy commercial HVAC solutions.

When you’re running a company, a broken-down air conditioner can mean more than a few uncomfortable days for your employees. Depending on what your business does, it can mean damaged supplies, inefficient equipment and lost money.

Here at Wright AC Services, we understand how important reliable air conditioning is to companies in San Antonio, and we strive to do everything in our power to provide the highest quality commercial HVAC services possible.

San Antonio Commercial AC Installation

If you’re looking for a company to install a cooling system in your commercial space, you truly can’t go wrong with Wright. With decades of experience, our technicians are fully up to date regarding all of the latest commercial HVAC practices, and we’ll be able to examine your space in order to determine the ideal solution for you.

There are several common types of commercial HVAC systems in use today and all have their own specific use cases and benefits.

two wright ac technicians using tech tools to perform repairs on an outdoor hvac commercial unit

Rooftop Units (RTUs)

One of the most common types of commercial systems is a rooftop unit. RTUs consist of an all-in-one unit, installed on the rooftop of your building, that provides both heating and cooling via a ducted system. These systems are robust, weather-proof and have been reliably serving commercial spaces with heating and air conditioning for decades.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-splits consist of three main components – an outdoor condenser, a series of indoor air handlers and a system of refrigerant lines connecting the two. Utilizing the thermodynamic properties of chemical refrigerants, these systems are able to efficiently transfer heat from one place to another in order to provide an energy-efficient method of heating and cooling that gives companies far more control over their HVAC systems.

Packaged Units

Packaged units are essentially RTUs that are installed at ground level. These systems are convenient in situations where roof space needs to be preserved or when the building doesn’t have the structural capacity to bare the load of an RTU. Providing the same time-tested, robust capabilities as their rooftop counterparts, packaged units are a solid choice as a commercial HVAC solution.

VRV/VRF Systems

The technological successor to the ductless mini-split, VRV/VRF systems – variable rate volume and variable rate flow respectively – function using the same three essential components as a ductless mini-split. However, these systems benefit from the addition of advanced “inverter technology,” which allows these systems to run far more efficiently than their mini-split counterparts.

While ductless mini-splits are forced to operate in a binary on/off state, inverter technology allows VRV/VRF systems to intelligently regulate the flow of refrigerant to specifically adjust to your building’s heating and cooling needs.

It’s our goal at Wright AC to provide our clients with the ideal solution to fulfill all their commercial needs and requirements. From the most simple to the most complex, our team is equipped to handle every range of HVAC technology to the most professional and highest degree.

HVAC Maintenance, A Business Investment Often Overlooked

Our team wants to ensure that you get the absolute most out of whatever HVAC system you choose while avoiding major repairs. The best way to do this is to make sure that your system receives its annual maintenance from qualified professionals – like the ones here at Wright AC.

Doing so will both keep your system under its manufacturer warranty and will give you a regular overview of the condition of your system. This is invaluable for avoiding major repairs and saving money in the long run.

Trusted Commercial Services

When you’re looking for the highest quality, most individually tailored commercial HVAC services, don’t hesitate to call Wright AC Services today. From the best AC repairs for business to the most reliable HVAC installation for your company, we’re here to establish a different kind of standard in the HVAC industry. One built on long-term trust, reliability and a commitment to do what’s Wright.

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